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Miraicrowd leads enterprise-companies and startups worldwide into the AI era. We empower them with our strong following in the global AI talent pool, connections to leading universities, connections to innovation hubs, and to technology ecosystems
in Tokyo, London and Silicon Valley.



Intelligent and adaptive return forecasting


Miraicrowd’s AI investment solutions utilize AI-powered ROI-forecasting technologies in futures and currency instruments with systematic long/short market strategies. Our goal is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns over time, with the potential to significantly reduce drawdowns compared with traditional systematic approaches competing and investing in similar asset classes.


Picking out threat needles in cyber haystacks


Miraicrowd has developed its AI for cyber defense as a next generation centripetal system that adapts to the behaviours of organisations’ networks, users and endpoint devices. Our system understands and correlates all information gathered across several layers, and cloud environments. We provide more accurate threat detection and higher confidence.


Agriculture, Construction, Mining, and Beyond


Autonomous equipment in heavy industry may be widely adopted well before most consumer vehicles are self-driving. This is our vision and one of our main-focus applications: in order to face the growing shortage in manpower with skills which are already hard to come by, to improve businesses’ finances, and to increase safety, speed, and efficiency.

AI Transformation

Miraicrowd is partnering with enterprise companies to provide strategically customized engagements that empower internal teams with sustainable expertise. Our aim will be to eliminate uncertainty over ROI, inject AI DNA, and ensure success through an AI First mindset and strategy.

AI Solutions

Miraicrowd AI-powered investment, cybersecurity and machinery automation solutions are the result of several years of R&D and successful collaborations. Our aim is to enable customers to quickly deploy valuable AI, to maximize productivity, ensure highest quality, and optimize business results.

AI Acceleration

Miraicrowd is continuously consolidating and augmenting ready-to-license and easy-to-integrate data libraries and APIs across multiple industries, and creating reusable AI building-blocks and IP to empower Startups that lack the data and AI tools to build custom AI solutions for their own needs and for their customers.

AI Education

Miraicrowd offers various training programs for executives, division leaders and engineers with privileged access to our network of high-quality AI teams in various international locations. We seek to build an extended family of experts in AI strategy, trends, project workflows and Implementations, theory & practice.

AI Transformation

Inject the power of AI innovation into your organization today

Miraicrowd is partnering with enterprise companies to provide strategically customized engagements that empower internal teams with sustainable expertise. Our objectives are to ensure that investments will generate business results, to select projects that help companies seize market opportunities, to establish AI capabilities for the long run, to help our partners attract world-class AI talent and hedge the risk of being disrupted by AI players.

At Miraicrowd we successfully transform your company with AI in the following recommended 5 steps:

Execute pilot projects to gain momentum

Miraicrowd will work with you to select and execute on a small number of initial pilot AI projects to gain momentum. It is important for your first few AI projects to succed rather than be the most valuable AI projects, they should also be meaningful enough to help your team gain familiarity with AI and convince others to invest in further AI projects.

Build an in-house AI team

Miraicrowd will work with you to build a strong in-house AI team, leveraging our network of top AI talents around the globe. Your AI team will be an extended family of Miraicrowd AI experts. We recommend this step as it will offer you a unique competitive advantage by keeping your projects within the company and investing in long term efficiency.

Provide broad AI training

No company today has enough in-house AI talent, the media reports of high demand usually overlook how hard it is to find capable AI talent. Miraicrowd has a proven track record of training both engineers and executives to navigate the AI era. As AI will transform many different jobs and industries, we want to give you the knowledge to adapt to this new era.

Develop an AI strategy

Miraicrowd business team will help you design a set of customized AI strategies that will create value while also building defensible moats to position your company to become a leader in AI in its sector. Most executives will think strategy first, by experience we find that a thoughtful strategy requires some basic experience with AI within the company.

Develop internal and external communications

The effect of AI on your business will be significant. The motion will reach your key stakeholders, you should run a communications program to share excitement and ensure alignment. Miraicrowd will help you design your AI communication strategy with your investors, government regulators relations, costumers, and talents to recruit.

Miraicrowd Principles

Miraicrowd AI Principles (MAPs) are a codification of our way of work. Similar to our DNA, these principles guide us in our work and provide us with a framework for our decision making — be it customer engagement, product development, hiring & talent management, business operations or sales & support. These principles are intended to align our thought process as leaders of the organization and influence our way of working with people and teams, across locations, and with businesses.

Focus on Customers

At Miraicrowd, we start with the customer and work backwards. We work hard to earn and preserve customer trust. Although we pay attention to competitors and listen to our advisors, our sole focus is to make our customers successful.

Move Fast

At Miraicrowd, we believe in our work’s ability to change human lives. Consequently, we work not just smart and hard, but also fast. We understand that the cost of indecision is more than the cost of a wrong decision. We emphasize the need for high-speed decision making and execution, while insisting on the highest standards.

Earn Trust

At Miraicrowd, we build an environment of trust. We hyper-focus on inclusiveness, honest and direct communication, ownership and being vocally self-critical. We care for each other. We’re humble individually, and proud together.

Have Grit

At Miraicrowd, we exhibit firmness of character and indomitable spirit when faced with challenges. We consistently back ourselves and inspire our teams to power through the low moments.

Dive Deep

At Miraicrowd, we dive deep with the purpose of understanding the problem, enforcing accountability and driving clarity. We are flexible in using our skills to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal and no task is beneath us.

Stay Hungry

At Miraicrowd, we are eager to solve challenging problems and acquire new skills. We understand that staying on the bleeding edge is hard-work and are committed to invest in our continual development.

Break Into AI

Our aim is to make a world-class AI education accessible to people around the globe so that we can all benefit from
an AI-powered future.

Whether you want to build an in-house AI team, build advanced AI algorithms, or build your own company, Miraicrowd curriculums will teach you key and advanced concepts, answer your questions and share our know-how with you.

AI For Everyone

AI is not only for engineers

Our non-technical curriculum “AI for Everyone” is mainly targeted to business professionals.

This curriculum will help you understand AI technologies, terminology and workflow, how AI is impacting society, and how to navigate through this technological change. You will see examples of what today’s AI can – and cannot – do.

We will help you spot opportunities to apply AI to solve problems, improve productivity, and build AI teams in your own organization.

AI & Society

AI & big-data in the real world

With the superpower of AI we can make computers see, synthesize art, translate languages, build self-driving cars, and even render medical diagnoses.

This non-technical curriculum will help you acquire a realistic view into real-world data, and how to mitigate its susceptibility to discrimination, bias and the lack of diversity in data-points. 

You will learn how to protect your organisation from adverse uses of AI. And you will see positive examples where the superpower of AI helps organisations and creates novel markets.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is strategy, philosophy and a paradigm shift, not just algorithms and data

Throughout this curriculum you will learn what is machine learning, the theory behind it, and what kind of practical problems it can solve.

We will help you to become competent in framing business problems, and applying the five phases of converting them into candidate cases that can be solved by machine learning. You will understand how to thoughtfully merge human insight with raw data and converting the outcome into meaningful features in a way that allows ML to learn important patterns.

Upon completion, you will be able to recognize when to use a supervised, unsupervised or a semi-supervised approach. And you will have a deep theoretical, and practical, understanding of major ML algorithms (regression vs. classification, linear and non-linear, neural networks, decision trees, boosting algorithms, kernel methods and random forests), along with their evolution.

Distributed Machine Learning

An end-to-end approach for deploying high-performance ML pipelines

When you’re ready to move your models from research to production, this curriculum is for you.

Beyond training single models or stacked ones on sampled datasets, a complex workflow comes into place in order to build complete production pipelines. Such pipelines are generally designed for scalable, high-performance machine learning tasks on large datasets.

This curriculum will help you learn how to create fully-managed production-ready machine learning models that involve: designing scalable architectures, building cloud-based data ingestion and validation at scale, designing adaptable models that are cost-conscious, debugging distributed training tasks, accounting for real-time inference needs, building models that adaptively tune themselves for success metrics, building models capable of changing their own input features and input data (train, validation and test) distributions at scale, etc.

Deep Learning

Be part of the transformation occurring in multiple industries

Deep Learning is one of the most highly sought after skills in tech. We will help you become expert in Deep Learning.

In this curriculum, you will learn how to build most Deep Learning algorithms from scratch using Python and SciPy. You will learn the foundations of Deep Learning, understand how to build neural networks using higher level open-source libraries.

You will learn how to lead successful machine learning projects. And learn about Convolutional networks, RNNs, LSTM, Adam, Dropout, BatchNorm, Xavier/He initialization, and more. You will work on case studies from healthcare, autonomous driving, sign language reading, music generation, and natural language processing. You will master not only the theory, but also see how it is applied in industry using TensorFlow.

Data Engineering

A key player in the AI revolution

By becoming a Data Engineer, you are at the forefront of any insights your organization can derive from big-data.

This curriculum will teach you, with hands-on experience, how to enable your organisation to make data-driven decisions from extremely large data.
You will learn how to collect, analyze, transform and publish large datasets.

Upon completion, you will acquire key job skills including designing, building and running massively-parallel data processing systems for ML and AI applications.

TensorFlow in Practice

A new programming paradigm: Dataflow Graphs

To build scalable AI-powered algorithms, developers need to understand how parallel computing works.

This curriculum introduces you to using low-level programming models, where you represent your algorithms through dataflow graphs. These graphs comprise nodes that represent dependencies between individual computation operations, and edges that guide the flow of data between parallel and consecutive nodes for extreme speed in AI applied to massive data.
We’ll use TensorFlow and TensorFlow API, and teach you how to run algorithms across multiple local and remote hardware devices (GPUs, CPUs, mobile CPUs, and TPUs).

We also introduce you to the Keras libraries, a higher-level API that abstracts the explicit creation of graph components for practical and speedy Deep Learning prototyping. We will walk you through how to use TensorFlow in low-level mode, along with high-level implementations using Keras, to build Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for complex computer vision applications in real-world scenarios.

We finally walk you through several hands-on use cases where you use the full power of TensorFlow Extended (TFX) to perform data validation, data transformation, model analysis, and serving for real-world training, validation and inference all-in-one scenarios.

Why Choose Us

Miraicrowd works closely with you to empower your company to become an AI-driven organization.

Whether collaborating on smaller solution-based deployments or partnering on enterprise-wide transformations using our AI Acceleration components and platforms, Miraicrowd is dedicated to propelling teams to success.


Founded by a world class team of the most recognizable researchers in AI from Japan (Tokyo University), Russia (HSE), China (Tsinghua University), the US (MIT), France (Polytechnique X) and Tunisia (École Polytechnique).
The company is uniquely poised to influence the emerging AI generation and help generate practical AI value for companies worldwide.


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